Terms and Conditions


1.1.Remoto! offers a solution for job search. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services and products offered to employers, recruitment agencies and other Remoto! business customers. Thanks for choosing us.


As an Employer, in order to be able to use our services and products, you must open an account in our platform. To do this, we require business data (e.g. company name, address, number of employees) and contact person data (full name, email address). When you complete the registration, use a service or purchase a product for the first time, we will create an account using your official details you provided. Once registration is done, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm the registration of your account. We will be happy to open an account for you if you ask us to do so by contacting using our contact form.

The user (employer/recruiter) selects the services and products offered by Remoto! from the range of services offered. The current set of services and applicable prices depend on the business conditions of the specific product.

Remoto! also offers employers/recruiters the opportunity to use the following services for free through a qualifying Remoto! account:

• Employers/Recruiters: Through the Remoto! account, the user can manage/adjust current publications for free. In addition, click statistics are available for free irrespective of the plan selected.
• Logos: If the business user has selected “PLUS+” or “ULTRA” plans in their Remoto! accounts, users can upload and manage company logos that will apply to all of their posted jobs. Note: Remoto! reserves the right to add new products and/or services at any time, or to change or discontinue, in whole or in part, existing products and/or services.

Ads must be displayed in the name and layout of the user and contain the contact details (company name, official link to the company’s careers page and optionally the contact person). Any transfer of advertising space or publications to third parties without the prior consent of Remoto! is prohibited. The user is solely responsible for the profile and the content of their ads. The user is obliged to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information contained in ads. Only job postings meeting all legal requirements may be posted on the Remoto! platform. Profiles or job postings must not infringe any personal rights, third-party intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. The user undertakes not to publish any illegal content on Remoto!, in particular, the content of a racist or pornographic nature or that violates human rights. In particular, the following content is not allowed:

• several vacancies or profiles combined in one publication;
• jobs with false or inappropriate job titles or promotional content;
• obscene or offensive job offers or profiles;
• opportunity for professional development and training;
• the possibility of secret shopping;
• vacancies of erotic content or escort services;
• vacancies that relate to opportunities for other positions or to communications or other products

Each job posting must be linked to the actual job that needs to be filled. The user undertakes to post the vacancy only when the vacancy is still to be filled.

Remoto! reserves the right to remove profiles and/or job postings that do not fully comply with the above-mentioned requirements without prior warning and explanation. Payments already made will not be refunded in this case. Remoto! reserves the right to block the user or their access to additional Remoto! products and services and terminate their existing contract.

Intellectual property and all ownership rights on the Remoto! platform, in particular trademark and copyright, design, remain in the ownership of Remoto!. Remoto! grants users a non-transferable right to use the Platform and its services and products offered by Remoto! in accordance with these General Terms of Use.

Remoto! makes no warranties with respect to its Platform, services and products offered by Remoto!. In particular, Remoto! does not guarantee:

• the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or suitability of the content posted;
• that posted job vacancies will be answered or read or will lead to successful employment

When entering into a cooperation agreement, when registering a Remoto! account or when using the products/services offered by Remoto! for the first time (whichever occurs first), the contract between Remoto! and the user comes into force. This agreement remains in effect indefinitely. The user may terminate the contract with Remoto! at any time by contacting us and asking to delete the respective Remoto! account. In this case, within 7 days, Remoto! will delete the Remoto! account and all data of the user, to the extent that the data is not necessary for the termination of the contractual relationship, the assertion or enforcement of claims, and Remoto! is not legally obliged to retain the data.

Remoto! may also terminate the agreement with the user at any time without giving reasons by email or in a letter. If the agreement is terminated by the user or Remoto! during an ongoing paid service, the provision of services and products used by the user through Remoto! will be terminated within 7 days. Remoto! is under no obligation to retain data and documents provided to it after the termination of the contract or return them to users, except in cases where storage or return was expressly provided or there is a legal obligation to preserve.

Remoto! will notify its users in text form of changes to these general terms and conditions at least six (6) weeks before they are scheduled to take effect. The user may object in text form to the changes no later than two (2) weeks before they come into force. If the user does not object or does not do it in a timely manner in text form, then the user's consent to the change is considered as given and the new provision comes into force in relation to the claims of the users within the prescribed period. If the user objects in time, Remoto! has the option to continue the contractual relationship with the user affected by the change in accordance with the old General Terms and Conditions or terminate it on the effective date of the planned change.



These terms of use apply to all products and services offered by Remoto! to job seekers. Thanks for choosing us. These terms of use do not apply to employers and recruitment agencies.

The use of the products and services offered by Remoto! in accordance with these terms of use is, in principle, free of charge.

All ownership and intellectual property rights of the Remoto! platform, in particular trademark and copyright, design, remain the property of Remoto!. Remoto! grants users a non-transferable right to use the products and services offered by Remoto!, and the platform in general, in accordance with these terms of use. Any transfer of advertising space or publications to third parties without the prior consent of Remoto! is prohibited.

Remoto! makes no warranties with respect to its platforms, applications or the services and products offered by Remoto!. In particular, Remoto! does not guarantee

• the accuracy, suitability, relevance or completeness of the content for a particular purpose;
• that the submitted application will be received, read or answered or will lead to successful employment


Remoto! is liable under applicable law only for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence. Remoto! also publishes third parties' offers and/or links to third-party offers or websites on its platform. Remoto! is not liable for the content of third-party websites and for these third-party offerings and excludes any liability in relation to such third party websites and offerings.


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